Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Christmas Party Outfit.

I'm joining the bloggers bandwagon once again and showing you what I wore to my, fairly eventful, Christmas party last weekend. Whether you're going to a party or just heading out for mad Friday (the last Friday before Christmas for those who don't know) this week, I loved my little outfit that I put together.

When it came to selecting an outfit, I was stumped. Usually I just throw on whatever dress I can find at the back of my wardrobe, but this year it was time to make an effort. I knew that sequins were going to be my thing, and this Topshop number really caught my eye. I had hoped to find myself a little gold glitter crop top, but after searching high and low it just wasn't meant to be. Of course the outfit needed to be toned down a touch with a black skirt, and the ribbed material from this New Look one really brought a little something extra there. 

On to accessories, now truth me told this isn't the bag I carted with me. My fuchsia clutch was picked up in the New Look sale, but I think I've found a pretty little alternative here. I know what you're thinking, why fuchsia? A pop of colour is always good to spice up an outfit, or so I think anyway. Silver accessories were a must for the rest of the outfit, considering I was covered in silver sequins. I thought this bangle was really different to everything else I owned and my lovely Swarovski earrings that Daniel got me added a bit more sparkle to the night. Lastly, wedges were a must as I simply cannot cope in heels! I managed to dance my way until 6.30am in these comfy little things, while remaining a touch taller - result.

I have to admit I managed to catch a fair few compliments on this outfit I scraped together. Though I am by no means a fashion blogger, this isn't bad for me considering I live in leggings and a top. What will you be wearing for your Christmas party?


  1. I reallylove this outfit, that top is so gorgeous!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

    1. Thank you :-) It is such a pretty top ! x

  2. Wow great outfit everything match with each other. Your tops is really awesome.

  3. So beautiful and festive! Love the bright pink bag! Merry Christmas :)



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